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Greenox "edge" is A Candidate To Become A Green Building Certified Project!

Turkey's first Greenox project to be the world's second Vertical Forest was a project nominated by the World Bank Group member IFC (International Finance Corporation) under the EDGE Certificate Program for Excellence in Design for Higher Productivity.

Greenox, a LEED Gold Certified candidate, will save energy, water and raw material resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Within the scope of EDGE Green Building Sectoral Development Program, it is envisaged that deliveries will be made in December in Greenox, the only "Pilot Project" selected in the private sector in Turkey.


Ahmet Tüfekçibaşı: "We are living the rightful pride of realizing our dream"

Aycan Real Estate President Ahmet Tüfekçibaşı, who made an assessment of Greenox's right to receive EDGE Green Building Certificate, expressed the following: "The Greenox project, which we have built in Çeliktepe with a total investment of 120 million TL as Aycan & Feres Business Partnership, and the first project to receive the EDGE Green Building Certificate in our country, we have realized our dream of turning green conversion into urban transformation. We are delighted that Greenox will be the first project to carry the flag on behalf of our country in the global arena with the certificate, and that Greenox will have a genuine sense of high productivity and savings. "

Murat Yağan: "Greenox will be Kagithane's oxygen storage"

 Murat Yağan, who informed the process of selecting Greenox 's Pilot Project, expressed the following: "Green building candidates compiled with ÇEDBİK support were presented to the International Finance Agency and negotiations were held with the project teams. Greenox was also selected as a pilot project among the candidates. A signing ceremony will be held on 9 November for Greenox, which fully meets its productivity goals.
Greenox will produce 2 thousand 373 m3 oxygen per year thanks to its vegetable diversity and will become Kagithane's oxygen storage. Our productivity ratios have reached a minimum of 40 percent in each classification. We expect the efficiency ratio to increase with the measurements to be made when the project is completed. "

Salih Çıkman: "We have developed a project that will be an example to my country"

Aycan & Feres Business Partners Board Member and Project Concept Architect Salih Çıkman said:
"From the beginning we have designed Greenox as a green building. Greenox receives solar energy in the field lighting. We chose low energy and water consuming materials in the project. We provided automatic watering of plants and trees with our gray water treatment and rainwater collection systems. We used windows that break high comfort UV light in our windows. From design to construction, from construction to delivery, all of our work has been done with long-term evaluations and approvals of certification and efficiency experts. All materials used are made up of new generation sustainable systems.
We offer high energy and heat efficiency with harmless materials that are high energy saving, special insulation made by the plants and air condition effect provided by plants. We have received our work in recognition of being the Pilot Project that will lead the EDGE Green Building Certificate. We think that there will be intense interest in the EDGE Green Building Certificate System, which enables green buildings to be numerically expressed in terms of family and country efficiency. "