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Göztepe Urgent Expropriation for Gürsel Aksel Stadium

A hasty expropriation decision has been issued for Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadium.


For the construction of Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadium which is planned to be constructed in İzmir Konak, it was decided to expeditiously expedite the area where the stadium is located by the General Directorate of Sports.


The decision approved by the Council of Ministers was published in the Official Gazette dated 6 October 2016 and entered into force.


İzmir Konak Üçkuyular neighborhood, which is the subject of expropriation, is located on the parcel of 6268 island 1. The total area of ​​37 thousand 95 square meters, 150 square meters of the area will be expropriated.