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For The First Time in Housing, New Good News On The Way in 2018

For the first time, the citizen who will be the host will be reorganized the housing account giving the state support of 15 thousand liras. According to Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, 4 new support will be found in the new model. These; government support will be increased, the withholding tax rate will be reduced, title deed will be reduced and low interest credit will be provided.


"The increase in state support in the housing account will have a significant impact on the accumulation of savings"
Altın Emlak General Manager Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı, who is in the evaluations on the subject, said, "The increase of the state support in the housing account will have an important effect on the increase of the savings. It may be that these subsidies are attracted to low-interest loans successfully implemented in the first urban transformation. Of course, one of the hardest things to get housing for the first time is the accumulation of the down payment, which is mandatory under the mortgage. An important advantage is that the system can respond to this need. As accumulations increase, people may have housing at a young age instead of late age. The availability of a gold account in the model will also be an important advantage for those who prefer the interest free system. Deposits in this account can be exempted from BSMV as well as mortgages. If there is a special arrangement to be made in the title deed, the demand for the account will undoubtedly increase. I also think that it would be beneficial for the system to provide regulation for brokerage institutions which are collecting funds through the method of lottery and not under the control of CMB - BRSA and that the collection of deposits should remain under state control. TOKI and Real Estate Housing projects can be recognized as a priority."
"They will either look at the TOKI projects or they will go to the old houses from second hand"
İhlas Yapi Bizim Evler Technical Manager Celalettin Yıldırım argued that the increase of the state support provided for the first time at home will cause the real estate sector to love the real estate agents. Yıldırım said, "We think that the government will provide support for low-income citizens. Due to the construction and land costs of firms producing qualified housing, it is not possible to produce suitable housing for low-income citizens. So they will be the first to be low-tension hostess or they will look at the TOKI projects or they will go to the old houses from second hand. We think that the reduction of land tenure rates will be a positive effect ".