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Fikirtepe Merdivenköy Waiting For Transformation Almost 6 Years 

Fikirtepe's failure continues. While urban transformation works in İstanbul Fikirtepe continue at full speed, those living in "35 No Project Adalar" located in the borders of Merdivenköy District are still waiting for their houses to transform for years. Citizens who are victims of the situation say their complaints at every opportunity they find but there is no explanation from the authorities. Here are the details of the news ...


The residents of Fikirtepe Merdivenköy neighborhood, waiting for their homes to turn around for about 6 years, are out of patience. According to the information received, it is said that the houses that the citizens had emptied because of the fact that the companies that had been awarded did not start some kind of construction, were dwelling on a lot of placeless and bad substance addicts. The 35th island, where 84 dwellers are located, also indicates that some landlords have destroyed their homes with their own means in order to prevent anyone from entering their homes. After the houses were empty and lonely, many people from outside the neighborhood started to come here and it was expressed that there was an increase in fighting and theft events in the region. Even some foreigners may experience troubles due to the fire in the houses. In urban renewal, where robbery events have increased in recent days, it is said that many things have been stolen from the water clocks in the houses of the citizens, in the locks on the side of the street. Citizens who say there are cracks inside and outside their homes due to construction in the surroundings say they are faced with a fear of collapse in a small earthquake. In addition, among the complaints that asbestos used in the destruction of the houses to be transformed threatened the health of the citizens.