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Covid-19 Safe Manufacturing Certificate to Aksa Akrilik

The world's leading fiber manufacturer, Aksa Akrilik has been continuing its production line non-stop even with Covid-19 lockdowns in effect in Turkey. Turkish Standardisation Institute (TSE) was on their factories recently for a check-up. After their strict review process, TSE has stated Aksa Akrilik as a top-quality location, and they have given the company a "Safe for Manufacturing During Covid-19" document. This document carries importance for businesses during the Covid-19. It is a must for any manufacturer, and TSE hopes that Aksa Akrilik will lead an example for others through their quality process.

TSE inspected Aksa Akrilik's warehouses, cafeterias, lounges, and service locations. They have determined the company was leading an example for others.

"We continue to follow lockdown rules and regulations closely as we continue our manufacturing lines." Cengiz Taş, Aksa Akrilik General Manager stated. "Our workers continue to receive information regarding the coronavirus, and we have been a strict follower of the regulations since the pandemic has begun. Our factories continue to receive regular disinfection, our staff must have their temperature checked at the start of their shift, and everyone continues to wear their masks at all times. We all continue to follow social distancing guidelines on gathering places like break rooms and cafeterias, and continue to implement new rules for the safety. We have applied antibody tests twice on our working staff, and we do not allow guests from outside the factory unless it is important. We believe the "Safe for Manufacturing During Covid-19" certificate we received has set an example in our field.