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Bolu Mountain Provides Tunnel Convenience

A mountain that must be crossed for those going eastward from Istanbul. Various ways were sought to make it easier to overcome this mountain. Years later, the Bolu Mountain Tunnel was opened. Bolu Mountain Tunnel is a long tunnel. Thanks to this tunnel, distances are now shorter. It takes less time to get out and descend the Bolu Mountain which lasts for 1 hour. Thanks to the tunnel, Bolu Mountain can be crossed in as short as 3 minutes. So many people started to prefer the Bolu Mountain Tunnel. The numbers disclosed confirm this. Many people used the Bolu Mountain tunnel.


General Directorate of Highways conducted a research. The number of vehicles using the Bolu Mountain Tunnel was determined. It has been determined that many vehicles use this tunnel. While there are 21 million vehicles registered on the trail, it is reported that 7 million of them use this tunnel. 1/3 of the number of vehicles registered in the traffic passes this tunnel. There are many factors that can cause this tunnel to be so useful. It made transportation easy.

The Bolu Mountain Tunnel, which is among the Abant Fountains of the Anatolian Highway, made a total of 7 million 336 thousand 269 vehicles last year, 3 million 896 thousand 55 in the direction of Ankara and 3 million 440 thousand 214 in the direction of Istanbul. Numerous vehicles passed through as well as numbers. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) across the country in the same year approximately one in every three vehicles used the tunnel.