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Best Business Properties to Invest in Istanbul!

Istanbul is the most developed office market in Turkey, serving many national and multinational companies. The office market has witnessed a considerable number of leasing transactions above 3,000 sq m since the beginning of 2014. With plenty of success stories, and a determined plan to transform the city into a business hub, Istanbul expected to grow its real estate market above expectations.

Istanbul aims to be a regional business hub soon, then it will be a global finance center within the objectives of the plan. Istanbul International Financial Center is strategically located between the Ataşehir and Ümraniye districts on the Asian side, where it is highly accessible by highways and metro. The project consists of 4.2 million sq m of office, residential, retail, conference, and hotel and was announced in 2009. It has a budget of approximately 1.5 billion USD and will be opened in 2022. Istanbul Financial Center will house the head offices of Turkey’s financial market governing bodies, state-owned and private banks, and related businesses.

Below are some of the top examples the city has to offer in terms of business or residential investments. Each property purchase higher than $250.000 will also be eligible for Turkish citizenship, which will offer tax benefits and more.

Istanbul Tower

İstanbul Tower is in Mecidiyeköy's Şişli, a district known as one of the popular business centers. The project offers easy access to work for its residents without spending their valuable time on the way. Istanbul Tower is close to all the public transportation services and the Bosphorus Bridge that connects the two continents.

Istanbul Tower wins the heart of nature lovers with its Leed Gold Certificate for being a structure that provides up to 30% energy efficiency. Parallel to its eco-friendly approach, the residence also has five electrical vehicle charging stations for those who have already started to live for a better future. Be it for residential units or offices for your business, Istanbul Tower is ready to welcome you and boost your property investments. The units start from $500.000 USD.

Next Plaza is in Basın Ekspress Road. The district is high profit and investment-friendly for being in the center of Istanbul and its closeness to the highways and airports. Next Plaza differentiates itself from any other project found in the megacity.

There are two different subway stations nearby for you to travel around the city. The largest shopping center in the region, the Mall of Istanbul is only a bus ride away. Next Plaza includes a private parking lot in the middle of the busiest district. While the residential units start from $96.500 USD, there are 17 different shops in the project, including restaurants and cafes.

factory gebze

This Factory with high rental income (No2) is located in Kocaeli/Istanbul border district, Gebze. With a building size of 12,500 m2, this is a 3-year-old building and has a rental guaranteed commercial shop with a corporate tenant with 5 years contract. The building comes with a certificate of occupancy. 

The property includes a particularly designed 32-ton truck entrance. Beginning from 1 October 2018, contracted with Şişecam A.Ş. for 10 years. While the building is on sale for 47.250.100 Turkish Liras, rental income per month is at 279,000 TL.

Park Express

Park Express’ vision is to have broad green areas for its residents to feel close to nature while bringing the suburban vibes with common areas to socialize. Park Express rises in Basın Ekspres, an advantageous area allowing the residents to reach anywhere in Istanbul quickly with two highway connections. An airport is close by whether you arrive by road, by air, or only by taking the subway.

Park Express aims to rekindle the forgotten neighbourhood relations with its suburban-like concept that has broad green areas and open common spaces allowing for socializing, avoiding to confine its residents into concrete buildings with no soul. While the residential units start from $121.200 USD, Park Residence offers units in size between 67 - 197m2, making it the perfect destination for home offices.

Bomonti Park

Bomonti Park offers a view of the Bosphorus that connects Asia and Europe right at the heart of Istanbul. You will have a terrace to look at the city from above, or a garden to enjoy nature, whichever you wish to have in your day to day life.

Bomonti Park offers a comfortable life with its sophisticated facilities such as open and closed pools along with pools for children that are available at any time of the year, playgrounds for children to play freely, a sauna to let off steam, a spa to relax, a fitness center to get in shape, a parking garage, terraces for sunbathing and many more. While the units start from $229.400 USD and range between 82 - 241 m2, there are 60 office units ready to deliver.

Maslak Life

Maslak Life is on the Maslak-Levent route, one of the central locations in Istanbul, with lots of public transit options. It offers quick access to all the three bridges of the city, as well as hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centers.

Maslak Life goes above and beyond to provide the best experience to its residents, also with the facilities and services they offer. A cinema room, guest houses, console gaming rooms, meeting rooms, roof bars, concierge services, terrace pool, and cafes, pet care service, premium meal service, a spa, a sauna, a steam room, a gym, and a yoga and dance studio are incredibly well-thought services to meet all the possible needs of the residents. Units starting from $158.900, Maslak Life offers 50 offices in the heart of Istanbul's business centers.