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According to the Producer Price Index Data released by the TUIK  the October 2017 rent increase rate is certain!

For the lease agreement it is obvious how much to raise when renting is renewed in October. According to the producer price index data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the tenant in the house will be raised by 13.26 percent this month.


The increase in the rent to be made by law is valid only if these rates are exceeded. However, the rate of raise is only mandatory for tenants. With the arrangement made in the law, until the year 2020, the contract for the workplace is being contracted. Therefore, if the rate at which the tenant in the workplace is specified has been specified, then the rate at which the property owner desires can be raised if no rate is specified.

TURKSTAT producer price index ratios

The domestic producer price index rose by 0.24 percent month on month. The domestic producer price index (PPI) was 0.24 percent in September 2017, 9.78 percent in December of the previous year, 16.28 percent in the previous month, and 16.28 percent in the twelve month average compared to the previous year.


The above rates are based on a twelve-month average. According to this, we calculate the rental fee of new tenants of a tenant with a current lease contract of 1000 liras:

Available rental fee: 1000 liras

Rate of increase: 13.26 percent

Increase in price: 132,6 lira

Rental price increase: 1132,6 lira