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15 thousand TL state aid for those who want to buy a house!

The state supports the marriage and the first time that they will take home. Two separate contributions to be presented are dowry and housing account. Those who have accumulated at least 3 years can benefit from state contribution. The state contribution to the dowry account does not exceed 5 thousand TL and the housing account does not exceed 15 thousand TL. The spouses can receive grants of 40 thousand liras by taking advantage of these hails separately.


The state contribution is paid up to 20% of the accumulation of the date of the purchase of the housing to the citizens who open the 'housing account' and pay the regular 3-year regular payment. The upper limit on the contribution of the state is 15 thousand pounds. This account is opened as an account in TL deposits or participation funds in the domestic branches of existing banks. Payments are made monthly or quarterly. The lower limit for monthly payments is 250TL and the upper limit is 2500 TL.


Having the right to open a housing account by a parent or a lawyer on behalf of minors under the age of 18. A deposit exceeding the upper limit on the opening date can be deposited into the housing account for one time, and this amount can not exceed 30 thousand liras. Collects 75 thousand pounds in 5 years, the citizen receives 15 thousand pounds from the state. In the calculation of contribution, accumulation on the date of purchase of housing is taken as basis.

Citizens preparing for marriage can open deposit accounts or 'participation funds' (interest-free) accounts in banks. A contract is being made with the bank when the dowry account is opened. The dowry account can only be opened in the name of a person and in TL. A dowry account can also be opened by a parent or a guardian on behalf of minors under 18 years of age. Citizens who have opened a dowry account must deposit regularly between 100 and 1000 pounds each month to the bank.

Participants are able to deposit up to 15,000 lira for a single time when opening an account. In order to benefit from the dowry contribution, the account must be paid regularly at least 3 years before the date of marriage. It is also necessary to have your marriage done before you reach the age of 27.